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Tiny China Trio. willy brennan, william whatley and daniel hyde. These boys and i have been inseperable all break and they are 3 of the most importaint people in my life and i love them more than anything especially because they make me laugh. They are FUN.
and i won't see willy b or dan for a few months, probably not until summer :(. at least Johnny's at home Kovac's at Uconn and Whatley is 45 mins away. well enjoy cause it's awesome and they're awesome.
lazy lazy
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Friends only, comment to be added :)
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So i always made fun of the people who had these things... and then tonight i found myself here getting one ... i blame it on the lack of sleep. Like do i really need another thing on the computer other then myspace and facebook to suck me in and make me an addict? YES, apparently i do.

But really, i decided to get one because, although i do a good amount of writing for myself pretty often no one else ever sees it. Sometimes i like the idea of that but i also kinda want people to read some of that stuff and obviously all of the stuff i will end up posting here. but yeah it's to help me think through things and to make you think about things and to entertain the both of us. plus i never sleep anymore so it gives me something semi-productive to do with my night.

So yeah, add me as a friend because i'm making this private in a few days cus i dont want any creepsters/ people who stalk me reading this.


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The Postal Service
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